Something new

The old homepage was beginning to feel really outdated, something I had been aware of for years now, but all this updating is so time consuming. Besides, the whole concept of more or less static home pages had begun to feel like a dead dud in stale water, to be honest, what with the growth and spread of social media.

So I was looking for not only a more fresh design but also a different approach. Finally I decided to throw the old site in the paper bin and start afresh, from scratch, without much of a tedious plan, actually, just a vague idea. Something between a portfolio and a blog? Not that I’m a frequent blogger, either.

I mean, I’ve tried several times, but then I’ve thought that if I haven’t got something worth it to say, why say it? But that’s if it is a blog. With an intent of being just that. This is not.

Anyway, the language then? I use four on a daily basis – Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese and English. I tried to build up a version of the old site in all of them, but that’s a lot of tedious work. What with English being the Lingua Franca of today, I will go for English. The automatic translation is becoming better and better and English is like my second soul, having spoken it since I was eleven.

So here goes.

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