Perhaps I’m beginning to get an idea as to where this will be heading. Perhaps daily updates concerning my work?

As usual I’m working on Sundays as well as any other day, but who am I to complain? It’s not exactly like I’m working eight hours a day, although that may occasionally happen as well. But normally more like two to four hours, including breaks and thinking about what to draw.

In case any reader of this would wonder how I work, it’s mainly like this: I receive a text from the newspaper by email, read it, think, get an idea, draw, send it. I have a deadline to keep, but I’m not sure when that is these days, what with all changes up through the years. Around fourish if it’ll get into the digital version, I think. Otherwise around seven, eight.

On Fridays I normally receive all texts for the weekends, but I use to spread the work out. Two for Saturday’s issue, one for Sunday’s and two for Monday.

One of the texts is a selected letter to the editor, some reader’s opinion, in other words. Might be challenging since I don’t always agree, but I try to solve it somehow without losing too much of my integrity. I said no once, to some extreme right wing rubbish, but that was a rare occasion.

This time it was about media – public service versus private media – and economy, internet et cetera, só this was a rather neutral solution. I think. I hope.

Media and money

I normally use Affinity Designer on the iPad Pro to create those illustrations. It’s a vector based app, but with the possibility to swap between vector and raster, which I’ve done here.

In case you don’t know what that means, look it up.

Trading dirt

The other text is normally a chronicle or an analysis written by one of the editors, and for that I use an app called Procreate, also on the iPad. I used to draw on paper and scan it in, but I’ve got a few thousand originais now, so I was happy when the iPad Pro with Pencil arrived. I did try drawing digitally before that, but the only economically available solution for me, was drawing on a “blind” pad, having to look at the result appear on a monitor, instead of directly underneath the pen – and I couldn’t wrap my head around that. I work fast, extremely fast even, so that didn’t fit me at all.

Anyway, topics vary, also in this case and this text was written by my old colleague and friend, Dan Kronqvist, who used to be our motor editor, and this was his last text before retirement.

Normally I used to get a car in it, but I thought that I’m going to give him some special treatment this time and avoid cars totally.

So, what is it about? Well, seems like some car manufacturers have made a dirty deal with companies like Tesla in order to reach an acceptable level pollutionwise. They are obviously allowed to pool their petroleum and diesel driven cars, together with electric cars, so the medium result will be within the limits.

I’ve never understood the idea behind this kind of pollution trading, so I thought that if you get it down to the basics, it shows what it’s about really. The little boy has bought a right to be dirty from his smart and neat sister.

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