Images on the internet

In the beginning when I discovered internet, which happened in 1998, one could still come across geeks who thought that images were a kind of intrusion on the pure web. Text was the thing. Coding, I assume.

Now, I’m a man of words myself, but also an visual artist, a drafts man, a painter even. This site here is a way to present my art, but it’s not as easy as I had hoped for. I’ve begun to think that perhaps images are still being treated as the stepchild of the web. An afterthought, something you slap on.

Of course, you have video. It seems to be working well for that, but they exist within a fixed frame, so to speak. Other images vary in size and format and I feel like they are easily being pushed to the side or cut down to size, to fit in.

Perhaps the best way to present images are still the analogue way? In books and magazines and newspapers.

Like this blog; if I add an image here, it won’t appear as I’d like it to do, especially not when this is automatically posted to my Facebook page or on LinkedIn. At least on Facebook, it’s being pushed down after the text, no matter whether I place it before the text or not.

I guess it could be different. It’s technically possible, but what I feel is missing are tools or apps or whatever, focused on images. Well, you have Instagram, but it doesn’t have a tablet version and images are better views on the bigger screen. If it was truly focused on images, it would have been adaptable to bigger screens.

Ok, it was just that. I guess no one will read this anyhow.

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