Curriculum Vitae

A site like this, which presents me as an artist and illustrator, a creative person, should of course have a CV – a curriculum vitae. A condensed representation of the course of my professional life, which the meaning of the term is.

I had one on the old site, but I hadn’t updated it during the last few years, perhaps as much as ten years, even. The problem is to find out what to include, how much detail.

But then again, I’ll turn 67 in a few days, an age when most people retire, although I’ve got no such plans. I’m still fit for fight, you might say, but how realistic is it to get a new job, a new career, at this age? Not much, I’d say. So what do I need a CV for, anyway? Gives me bragging rights, though. But shouldn’t it be enough to look at my work?

Anyway, as for formal education, I don’t have much along those lines, since I consider myself an autodidact, first and foremost. I attended a couple of art courses, though, but to be frank; that was mostly because I needed to find a way to survive without having to slave on the factory floor, working hard, making shit and peanuts. “Wilfred, you are already an artist,” as one of my teachers said at the last art school which I attended. I should’ve told him to add that to my CV, but then again, we didn’t bother with such fancy stuff in the day. CVs were for people working in offices and stuff, not factory workers. I hear it’s different today.

I’ve participated in dozens of exhibitions, both with my paintings and my editorial cartoons and my other illustrations, but I never sold anything, so what’s the idea? I’ve sold, but outside galleries. And I’m not a card carrying artist, if one can put it like that. You know, with the right kind of education and a member of the right kind of associations, which is mostly one and the same thing as far as I understand. I haven’t bothered myself with such petty intricacies. What has been of importance has been to secure a living. I guess that’s my working class background which speaks.

I know I’m good and I’m damned good as well. I also have a lot of theory to back up my work. I know my art history, and sometimes I wonder if I don’t know more about it than most artists. Oh well, I probably can’t list up all the names, but I know something about the thinking behind art. Because there is. Thoughts behind. Ideas.

I can fill a couple of bookshelves, I think, with books and magazines I’ve illustrated, but mostly for small publishers and most of them in Norway, but some in Finland and Portugal as well, and my illustrations have been included in publications in a variety of countries, like USA, France, Germany and Turkey.

So yes, maybe I’ll make a new CV one day. If I can be bothered.

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