Something new

The old homepage was beginning to feel really outdated, something I had been aware of for years now, but all this updating is so time consuming. Besides, the whole concept of more or less static home pages had begun to feel like a dead dud in stale water, to be honest, what with the growth and spread of social media.

So I was looking for not only a more fresh design but also a different approach. Finally I decided to throw the old site in the paper bin and start afresh, from scratch, without much of a tedious plan, actually, just a vague idea. Something between a portfolio and a blog? Not that I’m a frequent blogger, either.

I mean, I’ve tried several times, but then I’ve thought that if I haven’t got something worth it to say, why say it? But that’s if it is a blog. With an intent of being just that. This is not.

Anyway, the language then? I use four on a daily basis – Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese and English. I tried to build up a version of the old site in all of them, but that’s a lot of tedious work. What with English being the Lingua Franca of today, I will go for English. The automatic translation is becoming better and better and English is like my second soul, having spoken it since I was eleven.

So here goes.

This blogging life

It’s something with me and blogging. Every time I’m trying it out, I’ll lose it after awhile. I ‘forget’ to update it one way or the other. Don’t know what to say.

But this should be different, shouldn’t it? I’m just supposed to post my work, wasn’t I? Well, I’ve been working every day since my last post, so where are the drawings? Ok, here’s a batch with some of what I’ve been up to.

The energy company Fortum have made a dirty deal…
Kids learn languages fast: “he’s been like that since our holiday in Portugal”…
The climate sceptics go on and on…
Go back to where you came from…
Just say no to racism!

The Cormorant’s Tale and other stories

Ah, seems like WordPress finally got around to update their app for iPad, so here comes a batch of the latest.

The star studded road from Brexit onwards
About film reviews and…
Well, there’s a Finnish word going like “having a cow in the ditch..”
The Swedish police and bombs…
About the time difference on the opposite coasts of the Baltic…

The Good Samaritan

Even the people doing good has to consider the cost in a capitalist society.

I’m getting it now. Since this will be posted at Facebook and Linkedin as well, I need to put the cartoon first, don’t I? Who wants to read all my burbling about the process behind it? No one and it isn’t Twitter, is it? Way too wordy!

Anyway, the text was about how volunteers and ideal foundations have to consider in the level of cost and thus, obey the rules of the capitalist society they work in. So I thought what symbolises non-profit work, altruism in action? The Good Samaritan, of course. And wouldn’t it be absurd if the Good Samaritan would have to begin to consider the pluses and minuses helping the poor man he came across? Good idea, I thought.

I was a bit surprised when my colleagues had some doubts. They feared that it might be misinterpreted and people would think Middle East and Isis and what not. If I would consider a new idea? No, I wouldn’t, because I had my hands full with other things, so I asked if people today don’t learn the least about the Bible? Not that I’m that religious, myself, but… and I had even written I ❤️ Samaria on his hat!

Not young people, they said. So, what if I add The Good Samaritans on the donkey’s plaid? And I added The Samaritan Volunteers on his tunic for good measure. Saved it and sent it, but then they decided to risk the wrath, ire and condemnation and published the first version, but I liked the end result, so here goes.


I had to think long and hard before I got an idea for today’s main text. It was about the reactions and comments, threats and hate mail journalists get ever so often.

The actual case was concerning a sports journalist and then the ball dropped. There’s that expression about attacking the player and not the ball, which of course refers to football. Sports. But it also describes ad hominem- attacks. Good then.

Attacking the man and leaving the ball in peace…

The selected letter to the editor was about a planned railway along the southeastern coast of Finland, so oh well – a railroad track.

Another day at the tablet

Another day working on the iPad, and what was it this time now? Oh yes, the main text or the chronicle was about the Finnish energy company Fortum, which is trying to keep a green profile, but which has bought up the German company Uniper, and Uniper is behind Datteln 4, which is a coal plant. So much for the green profile then. Coal dust blows from Fortum’s portfolio…

Then I had to illustrate the selected letter to the editor, too, and this time it was about theatre and how it might show our true face when we are not acting. Or something like that. The text was a trifle vague, methinks, but theatre, masks and something Hamletish will do. I hope. And this is a vector illustration, believe it or not, but using the Pixel Persona in Affinity Designer to add a certain touch to it.